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Verify That Opener Is Still Plugged Into The Electric Outlet

Most homeowners forget that in order for your garage door opener, it must be connected to an electrical outlet. We've all been guilty of this before where you're working in your garage and you need an outlet to plug in a tool you're using. You look over and disconnect your garage door opener in order to plugin your tool. A couple of hours later, you forget to plug in your garage door opener and leave the garage.

Another problem that occurs is that somehow one of the breakers that powers the outlet to your garage door opener trips and fails. Verify, by opening up your electrical breaker box, and verifying that the breaker to your garage door opener outlet is working.

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Often time, the solution is right in front of your eyes. Breakers can trip for many reasons and yet homeowners or commercial owners don't check the breaker box. If you need to replace the breaker, better call a professional to do it as doing it on your own is not recommended.

Garage Doors for Restaurants and Bars
Although not often used, Deca Garage Doors can also install or repair your garage door at your restaurant or bar.

  • 120 mins quick installation time
  • Replace garage door easily
  • High-quality, good-looking doors
  • More functional and simple
  • Enhance your home's appearance
  • Learn all the benefits of garage doors

Not only does a commercial garage door acts as a cover for an entrance, it also serves many different functions. Our proven record of installing commercial garage doors for our El Paso business owners allows us to offer a quality guarantee for each installation. We want you to be completely happy that your new garage door suits your business in appearance and functionality.

Not only does DECA Garage Repairs install commercial garage doors, we also repair them as well. There are many precautionary measures that need to be taken into consideration when repairing your door. The biggest thing is time, as we do not want your garage door to be accessible after hours.This is why we offer only the best in service and repair for your El Paso business.

Don't wait, contact one of our professional garage door installers and we'll set up a convenient time for us to give you a FREE estimate on your installation or repair.